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We're riding to Sacramento again to show our resolve to improve California's public education funding. We're raising money for more schools in Oakland. We raise money to help our public schools meet really basic needs. All of the students in California's public schools deserve a high-quality education, and many of them don't get it. We're trying to fix that by making a big, public gesture. Ride with us! Donate a bit of money! Make us a sandwich! Hand us a granola bar! Write your legislator! Write the governor! 

We do this because we were fed up with having to fundraise for basic things at school: library and librarians, art class, music instruction, science supplies, simple computer equipment. And when you really start looking at how much parent groups can raise, and what the actual budget for a school looks like, you understand that even in affluent neighborhoods, you can't bake sale and car-wash your way to paying teacher and staff salaries, improving student-teacher ratios, and repairing and maintaining buildings. That way lies madness. We have to do something to change how the state underfunds public education. This year, California ranks 47th in the nation in per-pupil spending for public K-12 education. We can argue and disagree about small things or different emphases or priorities in education, but that's just pathetic and demands action. Help me help Oakland schoolchildren and carry a message to Sacramento. 





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    by Jamil 5 months ago
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    by Wendy 5 months ago
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    by Mike 5 months ago
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    by Gregory J 6 months ago
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What: Ride for a Reason 2014
Where: Oakland Tech High School
When: Saturday May 17, 2014 at 06:00 AM

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