Ride for a Reason 2015
Ride for a Reason 2015
Support California Public Schools!!
Saturday, May 16th
Congratulations on a Wonderful Day and Ride!
The site will continue to take pledges till June 12.
Thank you everyone!

Here is a link to the Ride for a Reason 2105 Flickr album.

It's open to the public and any one can upload new pics to the album.





Here are the Top Ten Fundraisers To Date!
Rank Name Amount
#1 Amy Dobras $4450.00
#2 Tom Wenzel $3650.00
#3 Jonah Ifcher $3210.00
#4 Mike Napolitano $3110.00
#5 cliff rechtschaffen $2665.00
#6 Audrey Stineman $2600.00
#7 Art Desuyo $2557.27
#8 Kia Simon $2526.00
#9 Jennifer Vetter $2427.00
#10 Paul Vetter $2125.00
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