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Hello friends!

Nikko and I have been training hard over the last few months for our 110-mile ride to Sacramento on April 28. After an 80-mile training ride last Saturday, we're ready to roll!

We're raising money for eight underfunded Oakland public schools—including Nikko's high school Oakland Tech. At the same time, we're hoping to call attention to the dire state of public education funding in California in general (we'll be using our last shreds of energy for a rally at the Capitol when we make it to Sacramento!). 

Please consider supporting us with any amount. You donation goes directly to help kids in Oakland, and will help torward things like art and music programming. The schools also need basics like pencils and paper (Tech and other schools were forced to cut their supply budgets to zero after mid-year funding cuts from OUSD).

We really appreciate your support! 

Laura & Nikko

More info:

RIDE FOR A REASON is our annual bike ride from Oakland to Sacramento to advocate for public education, and raise essential funds for school enrichment programs in Oakland. We ride to the steps of the State Capitol to advocate for greater funding for education. 

Many elective classes and enrichment programs depend entirely on community fundraising. But community fundraising alone can’t do the deep work needed to fully support all schools. That’s why we ride to Sacramento — to bring attention to underfunded schools.

The funds we raise will be split evenly between Edna Brewer Middle School, Claremont Middle, Oakland Technical High, Emerson Elementary, Westlake Middle School, Oakland International High, Roosevelt Middle School and Skyline High School.



  • Lisa (about 3 hours ago)


  • Claudia (about 4 hours ago)

    What if we had proper funding for schools and the Military had to have a bake sale?

  • Erica (about 4 hours ago)

    Go Team Mechanic! Go Laura and Nikko!

  • Anonymous (about 4 hours ago)


  • Kiera (about 6 hours ago)

    Go Team Mechanic!

  • Timothy (about 6 hours ago)

    ride fast!

  • Jon (about 6 hours ago)

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Gladys (about 8 hours ago)

    Proud of you!!!

  • Beth (about 9 hours ago)

    You guys rock!

  • Susie (about 5 days ago)

    Have fun!

  • Hae Yuon (about 5 days ago)

    happy to take you to your goal! go Laura and Nikko!

  • Hadley (about 5 days ago)

    Wahoo. Congrats for helping make a difference.

  • Maggie and Chewy (about a week ago)

    Ride like the wind, Babies!

  • Ronna (about a week ago)

    You guys are so impressive!

  • Rob (about a week ago)

    Go Team Mechanic! —Rob

  • vibeke (about 2 weeks ago)

    So impressive!

  • Kim (about 2 weeks ago)

    Go Team Mechanic!!!

  • Kim (about 2 weeks ago)

    Go, go!!!

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