Ride for a Reason 2019

So you’re all signed up and wondering, what am I going to do now? 

1. First, you are not alone, and we have some resources to share. Our friends at The League of American Cyclists are an excellent source of useful information for beginners including:
  • “ABCs” of checking your bike for safety
  • Bike clothing basics (what to wear and why)
  • How to make sure you are comfortable on your bike
  • How to ride efficiently
  • Making sure your helmet fits properly
  • What gear to ride in when
They also have good general information regarding bike maintenance at:
2. To help you to get ready for the big day, we have a number of group practice rides. On the practice rides, you’ll meet other participants and ride organizers (us), get into better shape, and connect with others you can train with. 
3. If you signed up for the 109-mile ride, you must have ridden at least a few 60 mile or longer rides before ride day. Here are some some training tips.  Bicycling Magazine recently had a nice article on this topic:
4. Also, remember to take good care of your bike, so it can take good care of you. Keep your bike tuned-up, tires properly inflated, chain clean and well lubricated, and brakes properly adjusted with good pads. If you need a tune-up, please consider taking it in to our friends at Tip-Top Bike Shop in Oakland (http://tiptopbikeshop.com/), who are generous sponsors of Ride for a Reason.
5. Invest in a pair of bike shorts with a good chamois. Also, wear bike gloves, and make sure you have a comfortable seat. You should not get numb after being on the seat a few hours. Your back-end though, will take awhile to get used to your new hobby (this is normal). If you signed up for the 109-mile ride, you also should consider using clip-in pedals/cycling shoes, or pedals with toe-clips.
6. We have a variety of practice rides geared to help you prepare for either the 45-mile, 65-mile or 109-mile ride.  The rides will be posted on the Calendar page of this website.  You can start with the "Easy Riders" and jump to the "Middle of the Road Riders (MOTR)".   The MOTR rides are set up to prepare you for the 60-mile or 109-mile ride. To receive MOTR emails and training info. please use the link: http://eepurl.com/ba94Gr.  And veteran riders can join us on the "Hill Rides".
Rain cancels. 
7. Also, you are welcome to contact us anytime with your questions - Andrew Stern asternr4r@gmail.com  - for additional assistance.
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